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Where to Eat in New York - Robert W. Dana - 1948

La Rue – 45 East 58th Street

This is one of the most fashionable restaurants in New york. You see more formal attire here than in most restaurants in the city.

A few years ago Norman Bel Geddes redecorated the restaurant and it looks as if peter Oglietti, the eagle-eyed proprietor, will not have to change it again for a long time. It will be many years before such a futuristic room, with its unusual vista of mirrors, is outmoded.

You eat and drink and dance at La Rue. The music is, as good dinner music should be, there to please you, but not obtrusive.

Peter's foods and wines are wonderful. He probably has as complete a cellar of champagnes as any place in the city. He used to break out Krug and Bollinger '28 with all the nonchalance of a major-league ball player catching an easy fly.

Appetizers, soups, and deserts are he usual elaorate array ou find in the best French restaurants. The entrees are beauiul and dselicious; especially notal ar h neless saddle of spri lamb poele, squab chicken casserole chez soi, breast of chicken a l'orange with wild rice, and broiled breast of capon jetee promenade.

Open daily. a la carte menu. Full-course meal averages $7. Air-conditioned.